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You are visiting the best blog on political, economic, social and international affairs in terms of unbiased and objective assessment of the unfolding global and national events.

This website brings a wide spectrum of experiences gained from working in different areas and countries and living and studying in various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, India and Nepal. What is more, the analysis is deep and free of political bias.

I have worked as an expert in budget and administration with the United Nations and Nepal, as a diplomat for Nepal. I have headed several organizations and high-level policy bodies at national and international levels.

Besides, I have lead several delegations to summits and high-level international meetings and conferences and chaired several committees in the United Nations and bilateral forums. For several years, I was a columnist for Republica, an English daily published from Kathmandu. My education includes Master Degrees in Public and International Affairs (University of Pittsburgh), in Economics, and in Commerce. I also have a Bachelor’s degrees in Law and in Education.

For the best and unbiased analysis, please visit this website and leave your valuable comment for the improvement of this site: kantipurforum.wordpress.com

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Murari Sharma

Chief Editor

London (United Kingdom)


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